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Fruit with Punch: Cranberry Style

It’s that time again- another round of the Fruit with Punch series. It’s a Christmas miracle I can get anything done these days, but who can resist a little calorie free fruit-as-design inspo? This week I’m covering all things Cran-tastic. So what do I love about cranberry style? For one, cranberry is much more lively than her Marsala sister, even though she is currently holding the crown as the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015. I am still convinced the votes were rigged on that one, you can read more about my thoughts here. Cranberry is also top of mind because it’s seasonal and captures the spirit of the holidays. I love that the fruit itself is beautiful, shiny, fresh and surprisingly tart. At face value, it seems like it would be nice and sweet and then BANG! So yeah, cranberries pretty much sum up my interior design goals; to create a space that’s enticing with a twist!

But since we are not actually using fruit to decorate, just color inspiration, here is how you can work with cranberry in a living space. When working with a bold color, it is important to keep balance in mind so as not to overwhelm. You can go big, but it must be done right. Since it is a vibrant, rich color, it must be carefully integrated.

So let’s indulge this cranberry crantasy, shall we? Here are some of my favorite cranberry-hued rooms to get your juices flowing (pun intended).


Here the bold cranberry wall makes a big impact, especially with it’s high gloss finish. It’s rich and seductive, but this hue can be a great choice because it’s not either too masculine or too feminine.


Cran adds quite a bit of drama to this spa retreat. The chandelier adds the right touch of glam it needs to balance the wall color and otherwise modern and sleek bathroom fixtures.


This red bathtub accented with red wallpaper is a more subtle approach, but an effective balance. Clean without overwhelming.


The office desk takes center stage as a cheery pop of color as the red tones are also reflected on the wall art to keep it all in balance.


I particularly love this cranberry lacquered dresser. Note the subtle soft blue accents that keep everything in balance against this bold statement piece. It works in perfect harmony and although it’s a very bold furniture choice, it doesn’t feel shocking, it feels bright, fun and maybe a bit unexpected which is the goal.


And speaking of blue, these lovely walls adds a perfect contrast to the red-toned curtain treatments and accessories.


So now that you’ve seen some of my favorite uses of cranberry from around the internet, here is how I would use cranberry in a living space. I give you, the Crantastic Bath…


First of all, I love the gold fixtures with this color! Ok, well duh, I did pick them. But they do add warmth and shine to enhance our fave seasonal hue. By using subtle accents like the red accented wallpaper and accessories, it compliments without taking over the space. You are left with a clean, chic powder room that is not the least bit short on glam, yet not too dramatic either. All about balance, right?

So go for it and gussy up your space… or keep the Crantasy alive and dream about it some more, I won’t judge. Happy Holidays!




YAY for Yellow

Since we’re in the peak of summer, it’s only fitting that my color crush this month is lemon yellow! Funny thing about yellow though- while most people will agree it’s bright, fun and fresh, many are afraid to use this happy hue it in their home! It’s ironic that a joyful color like yellow can also feel like an intimidating color choice when designing a room. Why is that? And more importantly, how do I stop this madness?  When balanced correctly, yellow can totally live up to it’s sunny disposition. Yellow delivers high energy, but it can be the pop of perfection to awaken your room.

Need proof? Yeah, I figured I’d have to back up my claim! And since I try hard to challenge myself and my readers visually, here are some fresh takes on how to use yellow. There will be no tried and true yellow/ gray or yellow/ blue combos here, we already know that works. You deserve to be visually inspired!

Ready? Here are three fresh takes using lemon yellow and how you can get the look at home:



Mention the words yellow and black together and what comes to mind? Bumble bee… run for the hills! Who wants a room that looks like a stinging little bugger? Unless you’re decorating a themed nursery, but that’s a different story.

When balanced effectively, you can achieve a really elegant space with just the right impact. I put together this board to show you how:


By grounding the rest of the room in black and white, yellow can take center stage. The gold fixtures work nicely with the yellow to enhance it’s sophistication. Here are some of my favorite examples of this look.


Jackson Paige Interiors


Emily LaMarque Design Studio


Image Source

When paired with the right combination, yellow suddenly becomes chic, elegant and sophisticated.  Buzz off bumble bee!




emily-lamarque-design-studio-green-chartreuse-yellow-concept-boardI love this combo because it is decidedly vibrant and fresh. These two colors work effortlessly together and feel both clean and sophisticated. Take note though to be careful when it comes to selecting the right green. If the green is too soft, it can come off as juvenile (i.e.: mint green). If you want a rich look, try a deep kelly green or emerald hue as shown here. Adding shiny white lacquer, silvery chrome, or bright brass pieces add that extra bling which will really make the whole room shine!


 Jonathan Adler Interiors



Finally, this combo, perhaps the trickiest to pull off, reminds me of a warm summer sunset; which is fitting given that we are on a sun filled theme! Adding the fuchsia and coral  create a nice balancing act and allows our bright yellow star to take center stage.emily-lamarque-design-studio-fucshia-magenta-yellow-concept-board

8fa4d448359cf1bd3370abc0bac5fef6Image Source 

I’ve been seeing yellow pop up a lot lately in showrooms, design magazines, and pretty much everywhere. Perhaps it will be the new color of the year for Pantone (wink wink)?! Who wants to place your bet on yellow with me? Hey, just like any other gamble- go big or go home! Fortunately a small investment in a yellow object will yield a big impact in your home. Go for it!