Turnberry Highrise

  • About the project
    Las Vegas, NV

    With immaculate views overlooking the northern strip of Sin City, this Las Vegas residence was screaming for personality. Although finishes throughout the residence had been ‘updated’, the owners wanted to bring life, color, and glitz to a lackluster sea of beige.

    To achieve the much desired glam and drama that is quintessential Las Vegas, a varied palette of textures, colors, and materials were carefully selected and introduced to the home. Bold fields of color contrasted with pops of white and strong geometrics define the space. The circular patterns and repeated sunbursts throughout provide strong visual elements to the home that are distinctly modern. Wool and silk carpets, lacquered and glossy finishes, graphic prints, and sparkling metals entice and allure. Floor to ceiling windows showcase the desert mountains and the glowing lights of the Vegas strip. Poor lighting was remedied with new recessed lighting and decorative fixtures throughout that dress up the space and allow the interiors to twinkle and sparkle.

    Fun, fresh, and glamorous, this bright and playful residence entices the senses and sets the stage for martinis and swank fêtes that are exclusively Las Vegas.