Midtown Contemporary

  • About the project
    Houston, TX

    This three-story new construction residence in the Midtown neighborhood of Houston started as a minimalist blank slate. While the basic design details were sleek and beautiful, the client wanted to personalize the space and make it his own.

    Strong graphic design elements, patterns and colors of nature, and classic modern furnishings unite all of three levels of the home. The large forest mural in the dining area, wallcoverings with trees and grasses, and striking walnut furnishings reflect the client’s love of the outdoors. Geometric, mod tile combined with vibrant color accents, clean lines and a loungey atmosphere give a decidedly masculine feeling to the space.

    The client’s love of mid-century design infuses the space and adds softness to the home. A few lovely pieces of his own paintings are scattered throughout the home, and most impressively, he painted every orange circle in the upstairs hallway – freehand! This sleek home shows off clean, comfortable, and contemporary sophistication in a fun, warm, unfussy style.