Cravings: All things Woven

This week’s cravings is officially brought to you by all things woven, making these fab finds… wait for it… UNBEWEAVABLE! I have always had a love affair with plush textiles, tassels and fringe. Maybe the appeal started as a kid when my mom had this massive loom that took over our living room, literally. It was like an indoor jungle gym to us, so naturally we couldn’t resist messing with the pedals and tinkering with the tapestries… my poor mom. I’m sure somewhere or other we made our mark on her handmade treasures.

What I love about woven items most is how they ground a space, making it feel instantly cozy. Plush textiles add a ton of warmth which in turn makes a room feel more relaxed and lived in, which is, hello… the point! I’ve spotted a lot of woven tapestries and other fuzzy and furry goods (not to be confused with pets, though equally awesome) that are making a comeback in a big way.

Are you ready to skip to my loom cravings?? Let’s check out the ones we want to comb through our fingers even though mom tells us “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH IT!!!!”


I am obsessed with this groovy piece from Chief & Kewpie. Mad respect to all who have conquered the loom! I love the artistry and know it probably took a hot minute to create one of these pieces.  I want to braid the bottom like any girl would… you know you thought about it too, c’mon.

This diamond pom-pom awesomeness from Urban Outfitters takes me back to a wall weaving at my Grandma’s house. It was on the wall of her indoor spa, where she would dunk us before bedtime so we’d pass out… most likely from heat exhaustion. But something about yarn + Grandma’s is like peanut butter + jelly; the two always go together and bring back warm memories of childhood, literally. I may need one of these just to reminisce!



These cocooned little airplants are so bright and cheery, they would liven up any tablescape or even better, as a wall installation. Sooo fun. The more you group together, the bigger the drama.


I love this fresh take on dream catchers. I can picture this hanging above a very boho bed. Dreamy indeed.


And since we’re day dreaming, this jacquard hammock is a perfect place to unwind- and that fringe!! Don’t you just want to skim your fingers across the tassels? I get very tactile with my textiles… owning it!8ecfa9ce116b243b880a7302dbd104cd


Serena and Lily always delivers stylish organization like these delightful hand woven Senegalese storage baskets. They are as sweet as they are functional, which is always a bonus when it comes to space planning. Make the most of your decor!


Here are some DIY woven decoratives and tutorials from A Beautiful Mess. This DIY aluminum chair update no doubt took some careful artistry and precision to achieve it’s awesomeness….


… but this macrame wall piece is a little less daunting of a DIY project, and so chic with the copper piping adding some unexpected bling.


Lastly, this post would not be complete without the cherry on top, the woven goddess of them all…. the moroccan wedding blanket! Also called handira, these tapestries have been particularly popular over the last few years, but they are and forever will be irresistible. The detail and craftsmanship mixing sequins, pattern and fringe delight on so many sensory levels. My longtime fave is the one featured in this room at the Parker Hotel Palm Springs.


There are so many other places it can be used from a decorative wall tapestry to a floor rug, it is a statement piece that really can pull a room together. Best of all, if you’ll notice, adding neutral textural layers makes the handira pop even more. It’s like being in blankie heaven!

Wherever you find woven inspiration, make it richen your room… make it… yep, you know it… UNBEWEAVABLE!



Our Home: Design to Demo

Here is the next Design Dish installment about our home and how I took it from design, to demo to dreamy! If you missed the before pictures, check out my earlier post, Our Home & the Pasadena Home Tour.

After we closed escrow I immediately started designing the floor plan and the layout of the space. I knew that we were keeping the footprint of the house the same, as well as the roof, the stucco exterior, the foundation, and of course, the gorgeous oak tree. Everything else was old, ugly, non-functioning, etc and it had to go!

Here’s the existing floorplan that I started with…

C:UsersEmily LaMarqueDesktopEmily LaMarque Design StudioELD

And here is how the layout changed…

C:UsersEmily LaMarqueDesktopEmily LaMarque Design StudioELD

We removed the wall dividing the kitchen and dining room to create a large family style dining area and great room space. We also knocked out the wall closing in the entry way so that the living room feels open and bright. The den was eliminated and from the that space, we created a powder room (perfect for guests), laundry room (previously in the kitchen), and a master walk-in closet (because you can never have enough closet space, right?!?).

The master and guest bathroom square footage stayed the same, but interior walls were eliminated and the spaces were maximized. The bedrooms didn’t change size, but the front door did! Instead of a standard 36in entry door, we made it 42in wide with a large sidelight to add light and views of the trees.

And the yard? Leveled. Completely gone. All except our tree. The yard literally became a blank slate.

Everything else was a fresh start – new plumbing, electrical, HVAC, you name it. Can I tell you how much I love demo on a project? It is so exciting to have the promise of something gorgeous just waiting in store for you…that is, after a whole bunch of blood, sweat, & tears.

Enjoy the progress pics!

emily-lamarque-design-studio-home-construction-demo-my-house (4)

emily-lamarque-design-studio-home-construction-demo-my-house (6)

Hello 2 by 4’s! Goodbye dingy stone fireplace!

emily-lamarque-design-studio-home-construction-demo-my-house (3)

So long linoleum!

emily-lamarque-design-studio-home-construction-demo-my-house (7)

Wait for it because you may never hear it again… YES to the MESS!

emily-lamarque-design-studio-home-construction-demo-my-house (9)

emily-lamarque-design-studio-home-construction-demo-my-house (8)


This is the kind of CAT I like to see in my yard!

emily_lamarque_design_studio_yard_demo (1)

emily_lamarque_design_studio_yard_demo (2)

A fresh start for this ol’ house. I’ll be sharing more progress in the week’s ahead. Stay with me as I overthink everything from fixtures to fretwork!



Cravings: A Fab 4th

You know I have a love me a good party and 4th of July is one of my faves because it’s summertime and comes dressed in oh-so preppy red, white and blue. Since I love to find inspired items that aren’t always traditional holiday looks, I thought I’d round up some stylish finds for the 4th that have more pizzaz than a firework!

Pinterest is oftentimes my jumping off point because there is always so much eye candy to choose from. I made A Fab 4th board featuring all my faves, but since I couldn’t possibly feature it all, here is a glimpse of some swoon worthy selections. For more info and inspiration, please visit my Pinterest page.


Here’s to a Happy 4th of July! We truly have so much to be thankful for, including the freedom to plan parties that celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!



Scoop: Scenario Home

I am super excited to have been  recently welcomed as part of Scenario Home’s Scenario Circle,  Scenario’s group of style makers, movers and shakers, and I happily took on the challenge of narrowing down some of my favorite picks. Can I take one of everything please? Click on the image below to check out my round up of finds.


The scoop is that Scenario Home offers quality and unique luxury decor pieces  that accommodate a wide range of personal styles. What sets Scenario Home apart is their unique selection and how their site is curated. You can shop by category or by Scenario which is what makes this shopportunity so unique. Yes, I said shopportunity! It really is just that. You can fancy yourself taking a little walk on the beach as you scroll through their Coastal Chic collection, or transport your style across the pond with a little European Vintage. The shopportunities are endless! For those of you who consider yourselves ‘design-challenged’, they are doing the design leg-work for you and creating amazing parings and room scenes.

Whatever you are looking for, if it’s high style, luxe goods with a big impact, I promise you can find it here!



Design To Go: San Francisco Family Retreat

My dear friends Ross and Abby have been persuading and sweet-talking me for design help since literally the evening I first met them 7 years ago. The only problem was that they didn’t really have a space they planned on staying in longer than a year, nor did they have the dough to treat themselves to anything they couldn’t toss after a year. So, when they finally were ready for some real design help, I jumped at the opportunity to swank out their pad. Meet Ross & Abby ross-and-abby and their sweet girl, Ella (aka, Ella Bella) ross-abby-ella

The Challenge

Ross & Abby rent in uber-expensive San Francisco- cha-ching $$$$ – which meant they had little to spend on anything else in the house. The house is a 3-bedroom single family home with a garage and patio, which is perfect for entertaining, and for their 18 month old, Ella. But, it’s still a rental (read no permanent architectural changes, no dramatic paint jobs, no expensive furniture commitments that they feel compelled to have to make work at their next abode). While the home has been updated, it’s pretty blah and the light wood floors were killing their design mojo.

The Solution

In desperation to make their home beautiful, sophisticated, and entertaining worthy, Ross & Abby called me in for help. Because of their budget (or lack thereof) and because of the distance (me in LA, them in SF), we opted for an e-design strategy. Hence, Design To Go!  They provided me pics of the space as well as basic dimensions that I requested, and I assembled a sweet little plan for the makeover of their living and dining rooms. Here’s what went down…

The Existing Space

What we started with…

Entry emily-lamarque-entry-exisiting Living Room emily-lamarque-fireplace-existing emily-lamarque-living-existing Dining Roomemily-lamarque-living-dining emily-lamarque-dining-existing And their two existing pieces of furniture emily-lamarque-exisiting-couch emily-lamarque-exisiting-mirror

Ross & Abby’s Inspiration Pics

In a nutshell, they wanted a space that was child-friendly yet had sophistication and elegance. They both appreciate modern interiors, but they were also looking for a few transitional elements throughout. They are drawn to blues, grays, silver, gold, metallics, whites, and luxurious spaces. living-concept1 living-concept5 living-concept4 living-concept3 living-concept2 The Furniture Plan

We drew up their existing space and formulated a furniture plan. C:UsersEmily LaMarqueDesktopEmily LaMarque Design StudioELD The Color Palette

This was really important because it needed to tie in the existing finishes and the light wood floors with the style of furnishings that Ross & Abby wanted in their space.


The Concept Board – Living Room

Working around their desired colored palette, I assembled style boards showcasing different pieces and options to give them the luxe space they were seeking. emily-lamarque-design-studio-living-concept The Concept Board – Dining Room emily-lamarque-design-studio-dining-concept One quick side-note: I am obsessed with this ming-style dining table. It was a vintage find on One Kings Lane and it was a steal. Not only is it a creamy white high gloss finish, but it seats 6 and extends to seat even more! It is high-style gorge in all its glory. Ross & Abby, this table is coming back to me when you guys are done with it! OKL_dining tablevmf_vendor_OEU_2182172_1394735983359_752209 vmf_vendor_OEU_2182172_1394735919333_344065 The Installation Process

This was a pretty funny process. We had a lot to text and laugh about while Ross and Abby were receiving and installing all of their pieces. Ross got out his stud finder and learned how to swag a chandelier. Yes Ross, this mirror is WAY to big for the entry niche… ross-mirror-entry Ella awaits deliveries and inspects the packages… emily-lamarque-ella emily-lamarque-ella-inspecting And Abby got her Martha on and painted this niche by the fireplace in Kendall Charcoal from Benjamin Moore. A super versatile charcoal gray that is always a go-to for me. emily-lamarque-painting-niche Aside from a few items arriving broken or damaged, the installation went pretty smoothly. And I received fabulous texts and photos of the whole process, which I of course loved! Here’s a sneak peek of the finished product. I am intentionally leaving these pics a little small so that the space looks that much more stunning when I reveal the final photos (stay tuned!!)… emily-lamarque-livingemily-lamarque-living1 emily-lamarque-living2emily-lamarque-dining I can honestly say, the BEST part of this whole process was receiving this amazing review from Abby & Ross…

“At 33 and 35, my husband and I just moved in to our first “adult” home in the heart of San Francisco. (Read: first time NOT in a 1000 sq foot apartment in San Fran).  We both knew how incongruous it would be to move our college/newlywed/survived-a-baby furniture into our new “adult” surroundings.  Only problem was that hubby and I are totally design challenged! In all honesty, we are those people who bought every piece of merchandise from an entire nursery store display area for our daughter’s room; that is how we did our baby nursery! CALL IN EMILY LAMARQUE!!!! Working with Emily LaMarque on an e-design was almost too easy.  We emailed her a sketch of the entryway/living room/dining room area with all measured dimensions, some photos taken on my iphone, and a budget.  Then we chatted a bit about what we liked/didn’t like/etc.  In no time, Emily came back to us with a HUGE email including links for all the furniture (even some choices for a low cost option vs. a higher cost item!) and a picture board.  Hubby and I were in love with 99% of what we were presented.  How often does that happen with a designer??? Emily worked with us to order all of the pieces (some I was able to order myself online and others required a designer’s account). Emily came in only a tad above our budget, but that was expected, right?!?! (Especially if you know my husband and how low of a budget he tried to keep!) In the end we finished our living room and dining room areas in about 6 weeks; which I know is unusually quick- even for e-design services! There were a couple small hiccups in dealing with an online retailer however what I couldn’t accomplish as a mere customer, Emily gladly and quickly resolved for me in her professional capacity. The smile my hubby gets on his face when we have friends over and the inevitable “wow your place is amazing” comment is said, is worth every penny of our adult home makeover! Hubby and I couldn’t be happier with Emily’s work; next year we will definitely have her back to makeover the upstairs!”

I know it sounds overly dramatic, but seriously, working with people and changing how they feel in their homes literally changes lives and I can’t get over that! It’s truly wonderful and addicting! I think Abby and Ross think so too because next up we remade their powder room from a sad little cave into a happy, fabulous little place! Stay tuned for more dish on all…